About us


A key element of our management approach is taking into account all of our contract partners' interests. We are a team of dedicated and qualified staff. To enable our business partners to contact any of our staff directly we have implemented a direct extension dial-in system, so they can reach the desired contact person simply by keying in an additional button.


  • Jeanette Grahlow              property manager                 degree in business management 
  • Charlotte Kühnast                   property manager                          Real Estate Economist 

  • Jacqueline Braunschweig  property manager 

  • Frank Borchert
    property manager 

  • Janet Wirth
    bookkeeping                            trained assistant tax consultant 

  • Gino Pinkinelli                  technical property management

  • Christian Jung
    property manager
    diploma in law
    real estate economist 

  • Julia Mehlmann                            property manager
    degree in real estate and housing management

  • Edda Hoffmeister                accounting of service charges general management            trained office clerk